Mission Outreach Anglican

Message for 4/7/2019

Message from Canon Jim from Isaiah 43 and Philippians 3

Sermon for March 10th, 2019

Message from Canon Jim dealing with the temptations of Jesus

Message from Canon Jim, 10th February 2019

Message about obeying the call you hear

Message from Canon Jim, 27th January 2019

Message about being one body and using gifts

Message for Christmas Eve 2018

Canon Jim with short message about the Virgin birth

Message for Advent 2

Message from Canon Jim for Advent 2  - 2018

Message for Sunday October 14th

Don't guard your trash!

Message from Canon Jim for August 26th, 2018

Put on the full armor of God and the spiritual warfare in which we are involved.

Message for Father's Day

Message from Canon Jim for Father's Day